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Tradeshow Services

Full Service IT and A/V Solutions

Digital-One is the #1 providers of computer and A/V equipment and technical services for trade shows, training classes and events. Digital-One provides equipment and logistics nationwide. Drawing extensive trade show and corporate training experience, our expert sales and service representatives work with you to understand your exact needs. We provide comprehensive planning, delivery, set up, support, and project management, and we're able to make recommendations regarding specific technologies that ensure your success.

Short-Term Rentals

1 to 30 days for Conventions, trade shows, Meetings, Training Classes, and Seasonal Business. Providing laptop rentals, lcd projector rentals, notebook rentals, computer rentals and projector rentals at an affordable cost.

Long-Term Rentals

1 to 12 Months for Emerging Growth Business, Corporate Projects, Turnkey Full Service Networking. Providing laptop rentals, lcd projector rentals, notebook rentals, computer rentals and projector rentals at a great cost for long term business.

Audio-visual and Trade Show Equipment

LCD Projectors, Plasma Display Panels, LCD Monitors, TV/VCR Combination Units, and Sound Systems.

Trade Shows Services

LCD Projectors, Plasma Display Panels, LCD Monitors, TV/VCR Combination Units, and Sound Systems. Whether producing an event or exhibiting one, our expert sales and service representatives work with you to understand & fulfill your exact needs. We provide comprehensive planning, logistics expertise and project management as well as make recommendations regarding specific technologies.
Digital-One provides rental services to get you up and running with computer and A/V equipment-delivered from truck to booth. We'll install software, components and peripherals and connect you to the Internet. Then we'll provide ongoing 24x7 support. We'll even manage your trade show labor onsite to facilitate completion.
We ship to the following convention centers and can provide pre-paid return labels. We can also provide the same service for major hotels i.e... Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Hilton, Radisson, Hampton, and Ramada Inns. Here is a list of some of the convention centers we can serve for laptop rental, computer rental, projector rental, lcd projector rental and notebbok rental, just to name a few.

Digital-One Rental Process

  1. Call Digital One to request a rental. You will talk to a live person. No long waits.
  2. We will fax or email a rental agreement to you. It shows the exact equipment, dates and pricing. Sign and fax back the paperwork.
  3. Your laptop, projector, and or computer will be delivered to you.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband internet access is available on all of our laptop rentals. Get on the internet when and where you want. This service uses the Verizon Wireleess Broadband Network.

Presentation Screens

Digital-One is proud to offer presentation screens to complement our lcd projector rentals. Ask a sales representative for details and pricing.

Digital One services the following areas:

$20 Roundtrip Shipping - 48 States & D.C. - With 1- 5 days notice (depending on location) we can arrange delivery and pickup for only $20.

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Zone 1

Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

Huntsville, Alabama (AL)

Mobile, Alabama (AL)

Montgomery, Alabama (AL)

Bridgeport, Connecticut (CT)

Wilmington, Delaware (DE)

Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

Augusta, Georgia (GA)

Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Springfield, Illinois (IL)

Fort Bend, Indiana (IN)

Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)

Bloomington, Indiana (IN)

Fort Wayne, Indiana (IN)

Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

Louisville, Kentucky (KY)

Portland, Maine (ME)

Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

Frederick, Maryland (MD)

District of Columbia, Maryland (MD)

Washington DC, Maryland (MD)

Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

Worcester, Massachusetts (MA)

Springfield, Massachusetts (MA)

Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA)

Lowell, Massachusetts (MA)

Battle Creek, Michigan (MI)

Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Lansing, Michigan (MI)

Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI)

Jackson, Mississippi (MS)

Manchester, New Hampshire (NH)

Newark, New Jersey (NJ)

Hoboken, New Jersey (NJ)

New York City, New York (NY)

Rochester, New York (NY)

Alabany, New York (NY)

New York, New York (NY)

NYC, New York (NY)

Manhattan, New York (NY)

Brooklyn, New York (NY)

Bronyx, New York (NY)

Queens, New York (NY)

Statton Island, New York (NY)

5 Burrows, New York (NY)

Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)

Durham, North Carolina (NC)

Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

RTP, North Carolina (NC)

Cleveland, Ohio (OH)

Columbus, Ohio (OH)

Cincinnatti, Ohio (OH)

Akron, Ohio (OH)

Dayton, Ohio (OH)

Youngstown, Ohio (OH)

Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio (OH)

Marrietta, Ohio (OH)

Canton, Ohio (OH)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)

Philladelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA)

Allentown, Pennsylvania (PA)

Uniontown, Pennsylvania (PA)

Providence, Rhode Island (RI)

Columbia, South Carolina (SC)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC)

Rock Hill, South Carolina (SC)

Charleston, South Carolina (SC)

Clinton, South Carolina (SC)

Richmond, Virgina (VA)

Alexandria, Virginia (VA)

Arlington, Virginia (VA)

Norfolk, Virginia (VA)

Chesapeake, Virginia (VA)

Quantico, Virginia (VA)

Portsmouth, Virginia (VA)

Hampton, Virginia (VA)

Roanoke, Virginia (VA)

Charlottseville, Virginia (VA)

Logan, West Virginia (WV)

Charleston, West Virginia (WV)

Huntington, West Virginia (WV)

Parkersburgh, West Virginia (WV)

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (NC)

Wilmington, North Carolina (NC)

Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC)

Jacksonville, North Carolina (NC)

Goldsboro, North Carolina (NC)

Greensboro, North Carolina (NC)

Winston Salem, North Carolina (NC)

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (NC)

Camp Geiger, North Carolina (NC)

Cherry Point, North Carolina (NC)

Fort Brag, North Carolina (NC)

Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina (NC)

Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina (NC)

Zone 2

Little Rock, Arkansas (AR)

Fayetteville, Arkansas (AR)

North Little Rock, Arkansas (AR)

Pine Bluff, Arkansas (AR)

Jonesboro, Arkansas (AR)

Miami, Florida (FL)

Tallahassee, Florida (FL)

Pensacola, Flordia (FL)

Jacksonville, Florida (FL)

Gainesville, Florida (FL)

Daytona Beach, Florida (FL)

Orlando, Flordia (FL)

Melbourne, Florida (FL)

Cape Canaveral, Florida (FL)

Palm Beach, Florida (FL)

West Palm Beach, Florida (FL)

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (FL)

Des Moinse, Iowa (IO)

Daven Port, Iowa (IO)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (IO)

Witchita, Kansas (KS)

Topeka, Kansas (KS)

Kansas City, Kansas (KS)

New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)

Lafayette, Louisiana (LA)

Shreveport, Louisiana (LA)

Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)

St. Paul, Minnesota (MN)

Bloomington, Minnesota (MN)

Rochester, Minnesota (MN)

St. Cloud, Minnesota (MN)

Coon Rapids, Minnesota (MN)

Kansas City, Missouri (MO)

Indendence, Missouri (MO)

St. Louis, Missouri (MO)

Springfield, Missouri (MO)

Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

Lincoln, Nebraska (NE)

Bizmark, North Dakota (ND)

Fargo, North Dakota (ND)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)

Edmond, Oklahoma (OK)

Norman, Oklahoma (OK)

Lawton, Oklahoma (OK)

Midwest City, Oklahoma (OK)

Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota (SD)

Rapid City, South Dakota (SD)

Arlington, Texas (TX)

Austin, Texas (TX)

Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)

Dallas, Texas (TX)

Fort Worth, Texas (TX)

El Paso, Texas (TX)

Garland, Texas (TX)

Houston, Texas (TX)

Lubbuck, Texas (TX)

Plano, Texas (TX)

San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Camp Douglas, Wisconsin (WI)

Green Bay, Wisconsin (WI)

Osh Kosh, Wisconsin (WI)

Madison, Wisconsin (WI)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)

Sheyboygan, Wisconsin (WI)

Zone 3

Flagstaff, Arizona (AZ)

Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ)

Glendale, Arizona (AZ)

Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

Mesa, Arizona (AZ)

Tempe, Arizona (AZ)

Gilbert, Arizona (AZ)

Chandler, Arizona (AZ)

Peoria, Arizona (AZ)

Peoria, Arizona (AZ)

Anaheim, California (CA)

Bakesfield, Californa (CA)

Fresno, California (CA)

Fremont, California (CA)

Long Beach, California (CA)

Los Angeles, California (CA)

LA, California (CA)

Lancaster, California (CA)

Oakland, California (CA)

Oceanside, California (CA)

Riverside, California (CA)

Roseville, California (CA)

Rancho Crodova, California (CA)

Sacramento, California (CA)

San Ana, California (CA)

Santa Maria, California (CA)

San Jose, California (CA)

San Diego, California (CA)

San Francisco, California (CA)

Berkley, California (CA)

Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Stockton, California (CA)

29 Palms, California (CA)

Ventura, California (CA)

Hollywood, California (CA)

Camp Pendleton, California (CA)

Miramar, California (CA)

Beverly Hills, California (CA)

San Mateo, California (CA)

Santa Rosa, California (CA)

Denver, Colorado (CO)

Bolder, Colorado (CO)

Aurora, Colorado (CO)

Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO)

Fort Collins, Colorado (CO)

Westminister, Colorado (CO)

Pueblo, Colorado (CO)

Boise, Idaho (ID)

Idaho Falls, Idaho (ID)

Nampa, Idaho (ID)

Pocatello, Idaho (ID)

Billings, Montana (MT)

Great Falls, Montana (MT)

Missoula, Montana (MT)

Los Vegas, Nevada (NV)

Carson City, Nevada (NV)

Reno, Nevada (NV)

Albuqurque, New Mexico (NM)

Rio Rancho, New Mexico (NM)

Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM)

Eugene, Oregon (OR)

Beaverton, Oregon (OR)

Salem, Oregon (OR)

Portland, Oregon (OR)

Springfield, Oregon (OR)

Medford, Oregon (OR)

Bend, Oregon (OR)

Salk Lake City, Utah (UT)

West Valley City, Utah (UT)

Provo, Utah (UT)

Orem, Utah (UT)

Bellevue, Washington (WA)

Tacoma, Washington (WA)

Seattle, Washington (WA)

Spokane, Washington (WA)

Vancouver, Washington (WA)

Kennewick, Washington (WA)

Cheyenne, Wyoming (WY)

Zone 4

Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

Fairbanks, Alaska (AK)

Honolulu, Hawaii (HI)

Oahu, Hawaii (HI)

Maui, Hawaii (HI)

Kauai, Hawaii (HI)

Laptop & Projector Rentals

We have been in business since 1987. We repair laptops and computers, and service networks. If you are in the Cuyahoga, Lake, or Geauga county area we offer additional services.

While your laptop is gettings repaired you can still get work done. Our rental inventory has the latest technology from HP, Viewsonic, Lenovo, Gateway, Infocus, Dell, and Epson. The equipment is cleaned and checked carefully after each use.

Digital One Inc.
6960 Spinach Drive
Mentor, Ohio 44060

Toll Free: (888) 282-7574
Local: (440) 951-8088
FAX: (440) 951-7292
Emergency: (440) 477-3273

Curbside Service:
Monday - Friday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Onsite visits & other at-office times by appointment only

Digital One is available for emergency computer service & last minute rentals. Calling after normal hours will ring our emergency number. Talk to a live person within just a few rings.

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